why do dogs eat paper

Why Do Dogs Eat Paper?

Isn’t it fun to watch our pets do hilarious things that make us laugh out loud from our stomachs? However, whenever they do such a thing, we worry if it is harmless for them. One such behavior that is seen in dogs is when they eat paper. YES! We understand that we might have done that ourselves as kids, but dog owners must know the reason behind this behavior.

Why did your dog eat paper?

Is the reason because it tastes good? Maybe yes, or no. Let’s deep dive to find out.

The truth is that dogs chew several household items like slippers, bedsheets, chords, utensils, and cables (Our children also report them to have eaten their homework), and there can be not one but several reasons why they chew indigestible items.

For example:

They Seek Attention

When was the last time you played with your little bud? Just like humans, dogs also enjoy pupp-arazi. They like it when they are the center of attraction. Your dog may have chewed the piece of paper that he found on the floor because he wanted your attention, possibly some tummy rob or a warm hug.


Is your dog lazy? If yes then he must be bored super easily. After hours of walking when he cannot find any fun activity, it is possible that he decided to chew whatever he could find. Hopefully, a simple solution to this problem is that he needs more toys or another pet dog to play with.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Pets with nutritional deficiencies are also reported to chew things like paper. Deficiencies of minerals like iron also lead to such behavior. Make sure your dog is getting the nutrition that he needs from food. You can try changing his meal timing or purchase high-quality dog food.


If nutritional deficiencies are not the reason, then it can be that your dog is suffering from polyphagia. It is a learned behavior where your dog tends to chew stuff all the time. The stuff that he eats can be both digestible and indigestible items like dog food, plastic, and even paper. To diagnose this condition, check if your dog chews a lot throughout the day.

Endocrine Disorders

Many times, endocrine disorders also make dogs feel hungrier than usual.  If you are unaware of this fact and are not giving enough food to your dog then he might have to resort to eating soft indigestible items like paper.


Lastly, taste. Yes, it is indeed true. Similar to babies, dogs also tend to chew things that they find flavorsome.

Outcomes of Eating Paper

Is eating paper harmless for your dog? The answer is no. There can be several consequences of eating paper like:


The biggest danger of eating paper is that it can lead to blockage in his digestive tract, or even worse if it enters the respiratory system. If this happens, you will recognize the symptoms immediately, and it is best advised to take your pet to a vet as he might need emergency surgery.


Constipation can also trouble dogs who eat paper. As their excretion routine is disrupted, it can lead to further problems like anxiety and stress. Some symptoms of constipation in dogs are yelping or whimpering during litter time.

Stomach Problems

Your dog may also face several stomach problems like nausea, stomach ache, dehydration, sickness, or runny stools on eating paper.

These were the reasons why your dog might be eating paper and what you should do if it results in something serious. For more info about dogs and their behavior, feel free to explore our blog.

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