Why do Dogs Like Sticks?

If your dog is similar to nearly all other dogs, he might be enjoying while playing with sticks. In actual fact, you might have a well-looking stick collection in your dwelling or garden. You might have seen your pet dog running and dragging along the largest stick he could locate.  Just make an effort to […]

Why do Dogs Wink?

Dogs display several behaviors that are beyond human comprehension. However, those sudden behaviors do leave us bewildered and perplexed because we have no clue what our furry friend can be asking for? Is he hurt? Hungry? Needs water? Or wants to play? If you are a dog owner for a long time, then you might […]

Why do Dogs Sigh?

Dogs differ from human beings in lots of ways, and at what time they, there are quite a lot of different possibilities as to what this signifies. In view of the fact that they cannot talk like human beings, they have to make use of body language to converse with us and, for example, it’s […]

Why do Dogs Roll in Grass?

Image it or not, there’s something unique about rolling in the grass, and that’s so overwhelming to dogs. On the other hand, why do dogs roll in grass and do you know anything about it? Dogs are bizarre; there are no explanations about it. But several of your dog’s ostensibly strange behaviors, in fact, hand […]

Why do Dogs Sneeze?

Dogs sneeze like other human beings, but not at all times for the similar reasons. There are several causes why do dogs sneeze and a few of them may even make you surprised. Some causes of sneezing are not dangerous, whereas other causes could indicate a basic health problem. Dog sneezing is a normal happening. […]