13 Best Chew Proof Dog Bed in 2020

Written by Dr. Patricia Williams

Written by Dr. Patricia Williams

Dr. Patricia Williams is an animal veterinarian. She's been working with pets for more than 20 years. She graduated from Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine and completed her clinical year at University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine. She's an expert author here at WhyDoPets.

Dogs love chewing. And they can chew anything like a food despite how hard the thing is! Chew is just a natural way they enjoy and explore the world around them. In fact, chewing is a great exercise your dog can have to combat boredom, to play and feel fun, to release pent up energy, to kill mild anxiety or frustration, and to strengthen muscles, jaw, or teething. 

If you’ve got a dog with a compulsive chewing tendency, you can easily relate to the daily clutters you need to clean every day as a gift of your four-legged chewing practices. The highly destructive habit of chewing leads to a great number of serious consequences, especially for the well-being of the dog beds.

Therefore, one of the basic and paramount dog accessories that dogs owners must have is Chew Proof Dog Bed. They are pivotal if you need to save yourself from daily home clutters and frequent costs.

A handful of dog supply brands offer a great line of chew-proof dog beds to prevent damage from dogs that like to dig in their beds and are fine chewers. 

Is there a chew proof dog bed?

Let’s face it; there is no such invisible dog bed that can survive from intense chew. Simply put, no bedding material is 100 percent indestructible. In short, if your four-legged friends are committed chewers, they will find their ways to do so! But yes, there are dog beds with great sturdiness that stay firm even against compulsive chews with great density and force.

How do I stop my dog from chewing his bed?

Chewing is normal in dogs. However, if you find it at a destructive level, it can be a direct sign of a disturbed mental state, separation anxiety, poor diet/food, or it can be simply due to the loss of new teething. Here are some tips and tricks you can try to control compulsive chewing habits in your dog:

Pet teething

Much like human infants, four-legged like dog go through a great up and down as their adult teeth come in. You can help them by giving special chewing dog toys, food, and ice cubes.


Another reason can be food! As a response dog starts to eat objects that attract their sense of smell in an attempt to find additional sources of nutrition. 


If boredom is the reason why your pup shows unusual chewing, then exercise is the easiest way to deal with it. Try to engage your dog in some activities he likes to alleviate boredom and to relax muscles.

What material is chew proof?

Among all, Canvas is considered the toughest and most durable mattress materials for dogs who are great diggers. Fortified with attributes like durability, sturdiness, and solid foam, this material addresses every requirement of a dog bed to become a solid, durable, and indestructible dog bed.

Is there any prerequisite?

There is a set of things you need to look upon while buying a chew proof bed that includes: abrasion-resistant material, durability, waterproofing, weight limit, and Return policies.

What is the best chew proof dog bed? 

The list of best chew proof dog bed evolves around brands listed below:

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    1. Petmaker Dog Beds Chew Proof

    Our Rating:

    If you love to carry your dog everywhere you go then you need perfect bedding that can keep your dog cozy and comfortable every time, everywhere despite the location.

    Petmaker’s chew proof dog bed is designed to address the routine wear and tear with maximized durability. Sturdy, stylish, water-resistant, and super comfortable Petmaker’s best dog bed is portable and best for outdoor use. The duplex foam construction makes this orthopedic dog bed super ideal for an every-sized dog with optimal to giant size. Further, the beds comprise non-skid backing on the bottom of the bed so that you have a great time even on a watery and slippery surface like ice. The crate bed comes with an L- shaped wrap around zipper so that you can easily wash and remove the cover.

    However, if you have a dog who’s unable to distinguish between things that are chewable or not, you can go for dog training videos that teach well to little pups for healthy chewing life.


    Product Image

    Petmaker Dog Beds Chew Proof
    Petmaker Dog Beds Chew Proof

    2. Furhaven heavy duty elevated pet bed

    Our Rating:

    If you’re bored with traditional categories of the dog mattress and looking for a completely new chew proof dog bed with the same comfort and price then Furhaven can be a great place with the latest pet products!

    Furhaven is a noted brand that is highly popular for its featured dog supplies at super affordable prices. Furhaven offers a classic sofa design dog bed with three-sided bolsters that promote security and offer additional high-loft cushion support for head resters. Constructed with ultra-plush faux fur, the sofa bed is lined up with bolsters wrapped in durable upholstery-grade textiles to deliver soft touches that no dog could ever resist snuggling into.

    Another impressive benefit, the dog bed comes in trendy Diamond Gray, Diamond Brown, Diamond Blue color with all sizes to make your buying worth. With Furhaven, you’re not buying a bed for your dog, you’re also buying the comfort and soft touch for your adorable furry friend for restful sleep. You can also buy this item with great chew toys deal.


    Product Image

    Furhaven heavy duty elevated pet bed

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    3. Pet Craft Resistant Durable Dog Bed

    Our Rating:

    Looking for an affordable chew proof dog bed? Then look no further!

    Pet Craft is a renowned brand known for its exclusive range of dog supplies and dog toys among pet parents. They are committed to delivering quality, comfort, and the best to your dog for a healthy fulfilling life. Pet Craft Resistant Raised Dog Bed is made with UV treated, fade-resistant polyester with a water-proof finish to make it super durable for persistent chewing attacks. In fact, it can withstand up to 500 hours of direct sunlight without losing its benefits.

    What’s more? Pet’s chew resistant dog beds incorporate extra padding to offer superior comfort and support, while the durable channeled liner helps support the poly fill stuffing in place no matter how much your dog moves around. In short, you can feel relaxed with this product even if your dog is a super activist with a great passion for fun like pit bulls. 

    All in all, your dog will love to cuddle up in this dog bed.


    Product Image

    Pet Craft Resistant Durable Dog Bed
    Pet Craft Resistant Durable Dog Bed

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